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Ringtone Tuner

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What is a ringtone tuner?

A ringtone tuner is a simple way for anyone to use even the oldest mobile telephone as a guitar tuner!

The way it simply works is that you download the tones from this site and put them into your phone as ringtones. Of course, you do not set this tone as your ringtone – unless the sound of an A440 is your thing – but you simply save them as ringtones in your phone’s memory.

Then if you need to tune a guitar – say at a campfire somewhere… you can do so, even if there is no mobile telephone coverage. I personally keep an A440 ringtone in all of my phones as a reference tone, thereby ensuring that I can always tune a guitar perfectly no matter where I am!

If you are really hopeless with standard tuning, you can even save ALL of the tones for all six strings. They are all downloadable below.

A440 is the standard for tuning forks which many people still use to tune their guitars, so that is the recommended ringtone for all of you who would like to use this fast, simple trick.



Click on the download button to download an A440 (Concert A) tone, click the play button to play the tone.


You may also get this file as a .wav file from our “Whole Scale” page which has all of the notes of the scale in .wav format – or below where you can actually get the tone as a plucked guitar string which will loop.


String Tones


Below are the notes and corresponding string numbers for tuning your guitar.

Each of these tones is an mp3 file which may be downloaded and saved to your mobile device to be used as a reference tone. These are actual recordings of the individual strings as they are played on an acoustic guitar.

Click on the play button to play, or if you right click on it, you may save the file to your computer or mobile device.

Note String Play
E 1 play
B 2 play
G 3 play
D 4 play
A 5 play
E 6 play

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