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Tune your guitar the easy way with “”.
We created this site to help you tune your guitar properly and also to learn about all of the various tunings for the guitar besides the standard A11 tuning.

This page is designed to also be easy to use with your mobile telephone or smartphone. When you load the page, the tuner at the top should fill your screen and be easy to use – it is with most phones. Older Blackberries may experience some problems with Flash, so we have created a Blackberry interface as well.

Many times I would visit friends and see that they had an old guitar laying around, but it would almost always be hopelessly out of tune and I would need a reference tone to get it going… an A440 would do the trick, but who carried around a tuning fork in those days?

Now you can easily tune any guitar perfectly – as long as you have an Internet connection. Even if you don’t, you can download an A440 ‘ringtone’ and use it to tune a guitar even if you don’t have an Internet connection. I use this when I go camping. No need to bring along a tuning fork, I simply upload an A440 ringtone to my mobile phone, and use it only for tuning my guitar! It works like a charm!

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